• GIS Database System Development

    GIS database system development includes data modelling, system design, data capture, data integration and migration from various other system formats. Data capture includes digitization using tablets or on-screen digitization, attribute database development. Genesis has provided database system development to many national and international clienteles. The type of data capture included cadastral map data, topographical map data, infrastructure data, socio-economic and population data and others.

  • Customisation of GIS Software

    Customized GIS solution is also one of the keys to a successful implementation of GIS in any organization. Genesis has expertise in customization of commercial software such as ArcGIS, Manifold, MapInfo, PCI Geomatics and others using the built in-programming interface and high-level programming languages in VB, dotNet, C++, Java and Python platforms. Customized applications are tailored made and are specific to the client's application and institutional requirements.

    Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) are now the core of our development platform. We develop open source systems in Python compatible with ArcGIS and open source Quantum GIS platforms.

  • Development of GIS Software/Extensions

    Some particular applications of GIS demand a complete development of new software or extensions to the existing software. This enables clients to apply GIS more effective way with lesser amount of time spent in learning. The development of software includes standalone GIS applications as well as extensions built on top of commercial software. Genesis has developed Spatial Application Extension (SAEx) system open ArcGIS platform to manage the cadastral application in Nepal. Standalone applications include national arsenic data management system with GIS interface, Micro Finance Institution data and map inventory, Municipal GIS and cadastral information system. Genesis has expertise in developing GIS applications in VB, dot Net, C#, platforms with database back-ends support using Oracle, MySQL, PostGRE, MSSQL and others.

  • Web-GIS and Geo-Services Development/Deployment

    Publication of GIS data on Internet and multimedia enables wider access and dissemination to larger user community. Genesis has expertise in developing rich geographic content for web publishing. Publishing platforms includes ArcIMS, UMN Map Server, GeoServer, Map Guide and other open source internet map server platforms. Genesis has expertise in developing content in PHP, ASP, JSP, HTML platforms. Development of web GIS applications and services implement standards such as OGC's WMS, WFS, WCS specifications and W3C's XML, GML, CSS, XSLT standards.

  • Earth Imaging Services

    Under Earth Imaging Services, Genesis provides services related to acquisition of the satellite imagery, aerial photo and ALS data, processing for ortho-rectification, radiometric correction, atmospheric corrections, formats conversions and image enhancement services. Genesis uses state-of the-art image processing and photogrammetric workflow stations for image processing. Genesis acquires imagery products from its associate company GEOID (P) Ltd., authorized reseller of high resolution IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView and GeoEye imagery products for Nepal. Genesis also provides imaging services for other imagery products such as ALOS, IRS, LANDSAT, ASTER, LiDAR, analogue and digital aerial photos. Aerial photographs and ALS data are acquired through offshore partners with expertise in the field aerial survey and ALS data acquisitions.

  • Digital Terrain Analysis and 3D Modelling Services

    Genesis provides terrain extraction services from multi imagery and data sources such as aerial photographs, stereo images of high resolution satellite images (IKONOS, QuickBird), LiDAR data, ASTER images and terrestrial laser scanning technology. The services include development of medium and high resolution DTM/DSM, 3D virtual terrain modelling and simulation, virtual city modelling etc.

  • Remote Sensing Image Analysis Services

    Image analysis services include image classifications using pixel based as well as object based classification techniques for land cover/land use analysis in rural and urban environments, change detections and analysis. This service also caters to monitoring of environment, crop growth and health using high frequency temporal images and vegetation indices analysis. The image analysis services caters to the needs in natural resources management, environment management, watershed and river basin management, urban management and carious other sectors.

  • Geo Informaiton Analysis Services

    Genesis provides services for spatial, geo- statistical, terrain, network analysis and other GIS analysis services for geomorphology/geological studies, natural resources, hydrology and water resources studies, multi-hazard analysis studies, population studies, environmental modelling studies, ecology and habitat studies and various other applications where GIS can be used as integral analysis tools.

  • Institutional Capacity Building and Human Resources Development

    Genesis provides institutional support to client organizations for developing their capacity in implementing GIS and Remote Sensing in their esteemed institutions. The institutional support includes consulting services for system infrastructure development, data development support, application developments, human resources development through trainings and short refresher courses. Tailored made trainings in application and implementation of GIS and Remote Sensing in various sectors and specializations are offered for organizations/institutions. Trainings include basic courses to advance applications of GIS techniques in urban, natural resources, land management, environment, sociology, water resources and various other sectors.